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Time zone changes

For those of us in the US at least, this weekend was the old DST time change. We haven’t released an update to 1.0.1 to address this. The currently recommended version, 1.2-RC2 already has the appropriate time zones.

If you want to update the time zone info on 1.0.1, I have a file available that should work. From a shell, run the following commands. Only run the rc.conf_mount_rw if you’re running embedded. The second command line wraps, that all needs to be on one line.

# /etc/rc.conf_mount_rw
# fetch -o /tmp/zoneinfo.tgz
# cd /usr/share/
# tar zxvf /tmp/zoneinfo.tgz

Then go into the webGUI, choose your time zone again, and click Save. Your time should now be correct.