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Tailscale on pfSense Software!

Tailscale on pfSense Software!

Tailscale is a software-defined mesh VPN solution that makes creating secure networks simple. The Tailscale data plane is built on top of the secure and lightweight WireGuard protocol. What makes Tailscale different though are powerful features like automatic key rotation, NAT traversal, and single sign-on with two-factor authentication.

In this video, we introduce Tailscale running on pfSense® and demonstrate a common site-to-site deployment scenario. What makes this scenario unique is that both remote sites are behind NAT firewalls with no open ports on WAN. Other VPN solutions, such as OpenVPN or IPsec, require exposed VPN gateways with open ports and fixed addresses. However, machines on a Tailscale network employ a variety of advanced NAT traversal techniques in order to accommodate a wide range of connectivity scenarios.

The Tailscale package is now available for installation from the pfSense software package manager.