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Seeking suggestions on presentation topic for NYCBSDCon

NYC*BUG is again putting on the NYCBSDCon conference this October 10 and 11. The call for presentations has gone out, and the organizers, who know Scott and me from past BSDCan conferences, have contacted us to suggest we submit a proposal. I’m looking for suggestions on topics (whether or not you can be there, you’re welcome to comment).

Each talk is 45-50 minutes including time for questions, and from our past presentations at BSDCan we know the questions alone can easily run 30 minutes. So our primary challenge is finding something that will fit into 35-45 minutes, since we want to leave at least 5-10 minutes for group questions. We always talk to numerous attendees after our presentations as well (about 20 people lined up afterwards at BSDCan last year), so we don’t have to fit all the questions into the time alloted.

Strictly introductory material probably wouldn’t be best because pfSense is so widely known and used amongst the BSD community. I expect that possibly more than half of the attendees will be running it somewhere. But any topic chosen would start with at least a 5-10 minute introduction to the project for those who have not used it before. Also would spend about 5 minutes discussing the features currently in development for upcoming releases. We can use pieces of our pfSense Tutorial session for BSDCan 2008, but not nearly all of it since that’s a 4 hour session.

I’m looking for ideas on where to go from there. Whether or not you could attend this particular conference, if you were attending a 45-50 minute talk on pfSense, what would you want to hear about?