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pfSense 2.1 on AWS EC2

We now have pfSense 2.1 available on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).


All instances are currently 64-bit, and thus require HVM. As such, the EC2 types which are supported are somewhat limited.

Currently there are two versions. There is a pfSense Certified release available in the AWS Marketplace. You can find it here: Netgate pfSense Certified Router/Firewall/VPN

Its AMI ID is ami-6821b858

In keeping with the community spirit, we’re also offering a free “public” AMI. For marketplace AMIs, AWS does all the copying for you. For AMIs that you share with the community, you have to do it yourself. In order to make the public images available we had to create an instance in each region, copy the image over to the instance, write the image onto a disk and then detach the root disk and attach the image disk and build an AMI from it.

US East (N. Virginia) - ami-11a58278

US West (Oregon) - ami-3430ab04

US West (N. California) - ami-0c417049

EU (Ireland) - ami-b69874c1

Asia Pacific (Singapore) - ami-9c1541ce

Asia Pacific (Tokyo) - ami-1f0e681e

Asia Pacific (Sydney) - ami-6fdf4055

South America (Brasil) - ami-cb13b5d6

To use these:

  1. Look in the list above and find the correct AMI number for the EC2 region you want to launch the EC2 instance into.
  2. Launch the EC2 instance.

Check the FAQ and User Guide for additional details.