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One-click Auto Upgrade has returned in 1.3!

Those of you who have been using pfSense for several years will remember pre-1.0, there was an auto-upgrade page that would upgrade you to the latest available release with one click. It was later broken by some changes and removed prior to the 1.0 release, but has been fixed and resurrected. It’s now working in 1.3.

By default, it checks for a newer stable release than the one you are using, and if one is available, you can click a button and it will download and install the update. It also allows changing the URL to pull snapshots, or you can enter your own URL if you maintain a custom version. The current manual upgrade remains available as well.

1.3 is under such active development that it isn’t really suitable for any non-developers at this time. We gave the URL for the snapshots to attendees at our BSDCan tutorial, but won’t be releasing it to everyone just yet.