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Merry Christmas from the pfSense team - 2.0 now beta!

Our Christmas gift to the community is our 2.0 release reaching the beta milestone.

What does this mean? The release is feature complete, with no new features being added, and should stay relatively stable throughout the remainder of the development process. That’s not to say it’s production ready though, most of our developers are using it in production and have been for months, but unless you have a solid understanding of the underlying system and can manually verify the configuration, 2.0 is not yet for you.

To answer the inevitable “when will it be released?” - as always, “when it’s ready”. The release will happen sometime in 2010, but as for a more specific timeline, we can’t provide one at this time.

If you have a non-critical environment where you can try it out, you can find the latest build on the snapshot server. Please report your experiences on the 2.0 board on the forum. There is additional risk with snapshots as changes are made in the source very frequently, and you may get a snapshot from a point in time that caught part but not all of certain changes.

Known Issues

The most current list of known issues can be found here. Those marked as “Feedback” are either believed to be resolved but need more testing, or need further details to be able to replicate and resolve - feel free to add comments to any of those tickets if you can test the specific scenario described. Those marked as “New” are outstanding issues. We welcome contributions, if you can provide a fix for any of the open issues. Before opening a new ticket there, please post to the 2.0 board on the forum where we can help quantify the issue. Before reporting problems, ensure you’re on the latest snapshot. At least 10-20+ changes go in most every day, 7 days a week, so it’s very possible the issue you found is already fixed in our git repository. You can see all commits here.

Important upgrade warning

You can upgrade from 1.2.x to 2.0 just as with any other release, BUT, you cannot downgrade from 2.0 to 1.2.x. And after you upgrade, your configuration will be converted to a format that is usable only on 2.0. If you do upgrade, get a backup first so you can reinstall 1.2.3 if needed. Several of the features in 2.0 were revamped to the extent that a change in configuration formatting was necessitated. Many of the rough edges of 2.0 are in the configuration upgrade code, there is less risk with a clean 2.0 install than one upgraded from 1.2.x at this time. Though that’s largely in more advanced configurations.

Proceed with caution! Expect things to be broken, this is absolutely not production-ready for most scenarios for non-developers, but development is moving along rapidly, and we would appreciate feedback from those in a position to test things (and break their network).

Note that kernel debugging is still enabled, which will reduce performance, though from a packet forwarding perspective it’s usually not noticeable.

Merry Christmas from the pfSense team!