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FreeSBIE2 now integrated!

We’ve upgraded to FreeSBIE2 with much help from Dario, the author.

FreeSBIE2 was created during the Gooogle Summer of Code and offfers many cleaner areas of integration:

  • Much cleaner BSD Installer experience since it uses / instead of a seperate mounted /FreeSBIE/
  • Completely modular build environment. Dario whipped our builder scripts into major shape. NOTE: If you build pfSense using our scripts then please check the building pfsense wiki section for important changes!

  • FreeSBIE2 mounts the / environment from a ISO. Slick!
  • Less memory required

When 0.93.2 is released, I’m pretty sure the LiveCD experience will be much cleaner.

Looks like I now have to write the BSD Installer module for the official FreeSBIE2 distribution now that it works in pfSense. :P