This has come up a few times, and I explained it on the support list earlier, but want to put it out here as well.

Our snapshot server builds images automatically every two hours from the source code in CVS at the time of the build. The update files have dates in the file name, which come from /etc/version in CVS. So this date in the file name does not change unless someone commits a change to /etc/version. Earlier this week, that file had not been changed for several weeks so the snapshots were still showing something like 06-06-2007 (as the majority of the developers are US-based, we use MM-DD-YYYY format, rather than DD-MM-YYYY that some of you are accustomed to). Scott committed a change the last couple days so the snapshots are showing the actual build dates for the past two days, but this won’t necessarily always be the case.

In short: trust the time stamp shown on the file, not the date in the file name.

Hopefully post-1.2 release we can change the build scripts to eliminate this confusion.
For now, we’re focusing on getting out the 1.2 release.