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BSDCan 2006 wrapup

BSDCan 2006 was an overwhelming success!

During this time we met many of the key developers of the FreeBSD project, drank a lot of beer and got a lot of major issues solved!

Among these issues where the dreaded pptp bug that has been an issue for a long time. Someone just happened to commit a fix during the conference.

Also among the fixes where to PF. A printf() was present that OpenBSD did not have and was giving ticket X != X errors in the system logs. Thanks to Max Laier who jumped right in to help when I asked him about why we where seeing these errors. It also happens to show a bug in PFTPX (we think).

In addition to meeting a lot of great people we (Chris Buechler and myself) gave a talk on pfSense and m0n0wall. There where about 55 people present for the talk and it seems like it went really well.

Also during the FreeBSD developer summit Dario and I gave a talk on FreeSBIE. During the talk Dario’s laptop shut down. Needless to say much talk in IRC was about FreeSBIE being dead. Other than the small mishap there was many great questions asked and FreeSBIE seems to be a hit among the FreeBSD developer crowd.

All in all BSDCan has been a great blast for the last 2 years. I highly recommend going next year. Meanwhile I’ll be dreaming up my next topic (if they accept it) for BSDCan 2007.