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August Hang Out - Network Address Translation

Our August hang out will be next Friday, August 15, at 13:00 US Central time. Join us for around an hour and a half of coverage of NAT, with time for questions to follow.

NAT is among one of the most widely used features in pfSense and one we haven’t yet gone over in detail in a hang out. Topics covered will include the following.

  • How NAT functions in general terms, and specifically with pfSense
  • Uses of NAT - more than just connecting your private network to the Internet.
  • NAT’s interaction with firewall rules
  • Live configuration examples of redirection using port forwards, 1:1, and outbound NAT
  • Troubleshooting guidance

Being tied up in the time-consuming materials preparation for our first pfSense University class last week, I unfortunately didn’t have time to adequately prepare for a hang out in July. We’ll make that up to you with an extra session in August or September, date to be determined.

This is an exclusive benefit for our Gold subscribers. The link to join the session can be found after logging into your account in the members area.

Thanks for your support, and look forward to having you there!

Here is a preview of the hangout: