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2.2 Release Candidate now available!

We are proud to announce pfSense® software version 2.2 Release Candidate is now available! This should be a short release candidate cycle, so we encourage you to try it out ASAP to help us with the final push to release. Jim posted a good overview of the significant changes previously. A more comprehensive list of changes can be found on the 2.2 New Features and Changes page.

In the process of getting to an RC status for 2.2, we’ve closed out 310 total tickets, (this number includes 49 features or tasks), fixed 108 bugs affecting 2.1.5 and prior versions, fixed another 153 bugs which were introduced in 2.2 by advancing the base OS version from FreeBSD 8.3 to FreeBSD 10.1, changing IPsec keying daemon from raccoon to StrongSwan, moving the PHP backend from FastCGI to PHP-FPM, updating to PHP 5.5 and changing from dnsmasq to the Unbound DNS Resolver.


New Installs


As always, every previous version can be upgraded directly to 2.2-RC. See the Upgrade Guide for general upgrade guidance applicable to all versions including 2.2-RC.

Feedback, Questions, Need Help?

Report your experiences, or get help with problems on the 2.2 board of the forum.