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1.0.2 beta period will start soon - 5 9's coming to you!

We have been extremely busy lately working on Infrastructure and a few new features that will send your internet availability to 5 9’s!

A number of improvements will make its way to 1.0.2, including:

  • FreeBSD 6.2
  • Reworked load balancing pools which allow for round robin or failover
  • miniupnpd has proved to work so well that it is now in the base install but deactivated by default
  • Enhanced RRD graphs
  • Numerous Squid Package fixes
  • PPTP Server includes WINS server settings correctly now
  • General OpenVPN stability improvements
  • Nervecenter theme added as default
  • Status -> DHCP leases now 1500% faster
  • Captive portal now allows traffic to port 8000 and 8001 behind the scenes
  • Mulitple MISC pf rule fixes to prevent broken rulesets
  • DNS server with active failover will show up when 1.0.2 releases (helps achieve the 5.9’s mentioned in the subject. Screenie of test >here<.)

EDIT: New features being added/changed

  • dnsmasq updated to 2.36
  • olsrd updated to 0.4.10
  • Alias line item descriptions backported from -HEAD
  • Enhanced cron handling backported from -HEAD
  • dhclient changes backported from FreeBSD 7
  • miniupnpd updated
  • speed nat apply page up 100*
  • pppoe auto disconnect (for our German users)
  • soekris/wrap error light usage now when a problem or alert occurs
  • TCPDump interface
  • VLAN assign interface improvements
  • SLBD/load balancing ping times increased to a timeout of 2 seconds
  • Package infrastructure to safely sync package data between CARP nodes added
  • Misc DHCP Server OPT interface fixes
  • One to one NAT outgoing FTP fixes
  • OpenVPN stability fixes
  • Traffic shaper wizard now displays errors correctly
  • BandwidthD package added
  • Pinger framework improved
  • Dynamic filter log viewer added
  • IPSEC filtering is now possible. You need to create rules before traffic will pass!!
  • Individual kill state feature back ported from HEAD on Diagnostics, Show States screen
  • DHCP Load balancing edge case where monitor ip’s would be mapped through the wrong gateway.
  • Option added to turn off TX and RX hardware checksums. We are finding more and more hardware that this feature just simply doesn’t work very well.
  • OpenVPN PPPoE fixes
  • Reload vlan interfaces correctly after adding a new one
  • Multiple client OpenVPN fixes
  • PHP 4.4.6
  • Sync’d captive portal with m0n0wall
  • CARP IP addresses can be used on IPSEC VPN connections and multi-wan ipsec now works correctly
  • Per user bandwidth package added back
  • Captive portal per user bandwidth should now work

NOTE for click happy people. DO NOT install the HEAD versions. They are for pfSense developers only.

You can help us test by visiting >here< to download recent versions. This server builds new snapshots every hour so that any commits to RELENG_1 or HEAD are available. But please note that we are not accepting bug reports from the general public for HEAD, only RELENG_1 which is 1.0.*