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1.0-RC3 released!

After a long bug hunting run, the pfSense team is proud to bring you 1.0-RC3!

With this release, we bring you these performance improvements:

  • Filter reload speed has improved by a power of atleast 5. What used to take 1.5-2 minutes to reload (if you are using traffic shaping, etc on slower hardware) is down to about 18 seconds. Average speed without traffic shaping on a 266 mhz is about 8 seconds now.
  • Bootup speeds are now a LOT faster. For example on my WRAP 266 the bootup has gone from about 2:07 down to 1:08.
  • General webConfigurator speeds have been improved quite a bit. For example it used to take about 45 seconds to mount the compact flash card to RW status. Now it takes about 8. This affects any page that needs to write out configuration data.

And now, a brief list of bugs fixed since RC2 (full list can be found here):

  • Captive portal image fixes and tweaks
  • Load balancer input validation tightened quite a bit to prevent foot shoting
  • PFI configuration fixes
  • When config.xml is not found on bootup, pfSense will attempt to restore a backup and log the error
  • Embedded images are now upgradable!
  • Embedded images are now 128 megabytes in size
  • Improve m0n0wall upgrade code
  • CARP input validation tightened quite a bit to prevent foot shooting
  • Miniupnpd package added
  • status.php no longer loops forever
  • RRD Graphs reset after interface changes correctly now
  • *MANY* FTP helper / proxy fixes
  • Improved captive portal error handling when either the clients ip address or mac address cannot be deterimined (code says, shouldn’t happen, but it does)
  • OLSR tweaks / fixes
  • routed package added
  • DHClient now sends the client name correctly
  • Input validation fixes to firewall nat edit
  • Status -> Interfaces now show bridge status
  • MANY fixes to reflection - the code we all love to hate
  • Negating rules now works as it should
  • VPN FTP connections now bypass the FTP Helper
  • System logs should work a bit better, showing the correct number of entries
  • Status, Interfaces now shows optional gateways if they exist
  • DHCP Server updated to V3.0.4
  • Snort package added
  • Squid package audited, should be feature complete and 100% working
  • Packages now restart after dynamic IP changes
  • Status -> Services now stops, starts and restarts services correctly
  • Status -> Services now shows package descriptions
  • Status -> Services now shows service state correctly
  • SSH Shell package added
  • Many OpenVPN fixes. Do not use tunX assigned interfaces!
  • OpenSSL fixes vendor fixes
  • PHP has been updated PHP 4.4.4
  • PHP APC has been updated to 3.0.11
  • IPSEC-Tools racoon upadted to 0.6.6
  • Misc Captive portal RADIUS fixes
  • Deleting a static dhcp entry now reloads the dhcp server correctly
  • And *MANY* more, refer to cvstrac for more information

A complete list can be viewed at cvstrac.