Netgate Blog

1.0 BETA 2 released!

Fixes include:

  1. Do not show WOL as a service in Status -> Services
  2. Do not display filter rule if we cannot extract protocol under diagnostics -> filter logs
  3. Install NAT entries for static routes when advanced outbound is disabled
  4. Query SNMP over VPN fix (bind to lan ip only option)
  5. Print out list of physical interfaces above VLAN interfaces during assignment
  6. Traffic shaper aliases fix - reolve aliases correctly
  7. Do not error when no interfaces are found during assignment
  8. Do not reboot if installation failed or user selected exit option
  9. Including LightHTTPD package manifest info so package uninstallation doesn’t step on libpcre
  10. Spanning tree protocol on bridges really work now
  11. Fixed a error in get_memory()
  12. Turned Fast-CGI back on for platforms with > 64 megs of ram
  13. Fixed Status -> Queues when using fast-cgi
  14. MFC’d Diagnostics -> States. New layout, filter option added
  15. qWANack Traffic Shaper fix
  16. Reloading interfaces now reloads VLAN’s too
  17. Warns user on console option 1 to use Interfaces -> Assign if you’re adding a new interface
  18. /var is a FreeSBIE mfs now that includes package list to prevent shared library deletion by the package manager
  19. Filtering bridge toggle switch added to System -> Advanced
  20. NOPIP experimental bridging patch added, contact me privately if you need to use this
  21. Everquest added to traffic shaper
  22. Static DHCP assignments should show up in DHCP leases list now
  23. PFSync no longer broadcasting when disabled/no carp ips are defined
  24. firewall_nat.php allows user not to set an internal portrange, only an external one.
  25. Fix divide by 0 error in Status -> Queues
  26. Remove support for de driver per vlan man page - it needs kernel changes
  27. Sync list of large frame capable drivers with:
  28. Correct NAT redirects when using ESP protocol
  29. Show VLANS on console
  30. HostAP wireless status added to Status -> Wireless thanks to
  31. Startup and shutdown beeps fixed
  32. Add uRPF check for incoming packets
  33. Deleting a rule from the right in firewall rules now passes the interface along
  34. VLAN Description now white
  35. Recompile SLBD with Bill’s latest commits and the /var/etc/use_pf_pool__stickyaddr PF STICKY pool option
  36. Do not allow aliases of the name LAN or WAN
  37. Make sure /var/etc/inetd.conf exists
  38. Change AJAX refresh rate to 7000
  39. Do not rm -rf /tmp on shutdown if platform is not pfSense (could delete CF items!)
  40. Do not run option 98 twice after config move
  41. Fixed FTP when under 1:1 and many other obscure configs
  42. Fixed changing of HTTP/HTTPS on the fly since we moved to Lighty
  43. Capitve Portal synced with m0n0wall 1.21
  44. Improved upgrade scripts, fixed a few bugs
  45. Add sticky nat option for outgoing nat (useful for Hamachi, and many other apps)
  46. Removed plip nterface
  47. WorldOfWarCraft now works on traffic shaper
  48. PPPoE now can issue IP’s from RADIUS server
  49. Assigning two of the same interfaces during interface assignment no longer drops to %
  50. Major speedups on 133mhz platforms. APC + FAST-CGI delivers break-neck loading speeds
  51. Fixed a dynamic dns host lookup bug
  52. RFC 1918 indicator on firewall rules WAN screen imported from m0n0wall 1.2
  53. Many squid package fixes
  54. dhcrelay is now included.
  55. Reloading of carp interfaces after sync now works
  56. Many bugs fixed due to php-eclipse
  57. After certificate change webConfigurator correctly restarts
  58. Filter logs now shows OPT descriptions instead of OPTX
  59. During traffic shaper wizard rewire the logo to remove shaper rules to basically abort the incremental shaper process
  60. Many many filter log fixes
  61. FTP Helper now stops for NAT after NAT rule removal
  62. Changed DynDNS update freq to 25 days to prevent notice
  63. After CARP sync now correctly reloads hosts in the sync chain
  64. Loopback will no longer disappear after interface reload
  65. Many traffic shaper fixes
  66. carp preemption is no longer an option and is enabled by default. this works around a xmlrpc sync issue.
  67. vpn ipsec keep alive ping option added
  68. bandwidth fields removed from interfaces, they aren’t used any longer
  69. C++ is added back to full versions to allow packages to work correctly
  70. pflogd has been disabled which was making embedded /var/ fill up and wasting cpu cycles
  71. DNS Forwarder xmlrpc sync option added
  72. Major VLAN issue fixed during configuration
  73. Adding and deleting items with the javascript alias helper is now fixed
  74. Items marked with nosync are no longer sync'd
  75. Captive portal elements now appear correctly
  76. SpamD package completely overhauled and is now a 1st class package
  77. Adding / deleting PPTP users restarts MPD correctly now
  78. HTTPS captive portal now works again
  79. No longer returns duplicate DNS nameservers to resolv.conf
  80. Redirecting a connection back to a LAN IP now works
  81. TXPower in wireless configuration now actually works
  82. High CPU bug finally fixed. FreeBSD gettytab auto login setting was incorrect.
  83. Chrooted DHCP Server
  84. Embedded platform now using HZ 100 which improves performance on 486 platforms
  85. Polling is fixed and will enable correctly now
  86. Outgoing load balancing icmp monitoring implemented, needs testing!
  87. Outgoing load balancing gateway calculation bug fixed
  88. TTY CTRL-C bug solved
  89. WRAP + Soekris traffic shaping issues resolved due to busted TSC.
  90. GREP errors on bootup fixed
  91. NAT Reflection now supported! Eliminates need for split-dns configurations.

And much much more!