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1.2.3-RC3 now available!

After several months since the last official 1.2.3-RC release, because of some tough issues in the underlying software that are now resolved, 1.2.3-RC3 is now available.

The final release will be coming very soon, please help test.

The major changes since 1.2.3-RC1:

  • NAT-T support has been removed. Adding it brought out bugs in the underlying ipsec-tools, causing problems in some circumstances with renegotiation and completely breaking DPD. These issues are fixed in the CVS version of ipsec-tools, but it’s still considered alpha, and we found different problems when attempting to use it instead. NAT-T will be back in the 2.0 release, where it’s not as much of a pain since NAT-T is now in stock FreeBSD 8.
  • Outbound load balancer replaced - The underlying software that does the monitoring and ruleset reloads for outbound multi-WAN load balancing has been replaced. This does not change anything from the user’s perspective, as only back end code changed. This fixed WAN flapping that was experienced by a small number of users.
  • Captive portal locking replaced - the locking used by the captive portal has never been great (same as used in m0n0wall, where a replacement is also under consideration), and in some circumstances in high load environments (hundreds or thousands of users) it could wreak havoc on the portal. This has been replaced with a better locking mechanism that has resolved these issues.
  • Embedded switched to nanobsd - this is explained more here.
  • DNS Forwarder now queries all configured DNS servers simultaneously, using the one that responds the fastest. In some circumstances this will improve DNS performance considerably.
  • Atheros driver reverted to the one in FreeBSD 7.1 + patches from Sam Leffler, as existed in 1.2.3-RC1. The FreeBSD 7.2 driver exhibited numerous regressions that are no longer an issue, but reverting removed support for cards newly supported in FreeBSD 7.2.

Those are the major changes in this version that impact many users. A number of other minor edge case bugs were fixed, things that nearly all of you have never seen and won’t ever run into. If you’d like the full details on all the changes on the 1.2.x branch, see the git commit logs.


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